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WMNS Leads Community Worker Bee to keep Tumbler Ridge Trails Safe

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Wolverine Nordic & Mountain Society, Ridge Rotors and District of Tumbler Ridge collaborated on Worker Bee to keep trails safe for local and visiting adventurers.

Left to right: Jarbas, Sandy, Birgit, Joline, Adriana, Dave, Jonathan, David, Stacy, Don, Terese Finnegan

Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society led a Worker Bee organized by Dave Thompson to clean up and keep trails safe for hikers. WMNS club volunteers along with Ridge Rotors and the District of Tumbler Ridge spent Victoria Day clearing the Corral Lake Trail, a popular spot for visitors to include in their adventure to Kinuseo Falls.

One of the perks of coming to Tumbler Ridge for adventures is that there are no park fees. You get to hike, camp and have adventures without the need for reservation. The trails however, do not maintain themselves. It is thanks to the club members, local volunteers and quiet unsung heroes who do their part silently that keep the trails clean, safe and accessible.

Majority of people and families who fell in love with this town were taken to hiking trails by welcoming club members sharing their love of the outdoors and the beauty Tumbler Ridge has to offer.

Dave, a geologist, Worker Bee Organizer and one of the current board members in WMNS shared his experience and outlook. " I came to Tumbler Ridge 16 years ago as a seasonal shift worker in coal exploration. I knew no one and had very little time to explore the trails. I met a group of people who loved the trails and that gave me the opportunity to explore more and fall in love with the trails. When the opportunity came to give back to the community, I jumped at the chance. It has been my pleasure to organize volunteer work bees of like-minded people in our community to get out there and clear trails of fallen tress so that others can enjoy them as much I do. I hope others develop the same appreciation for this magical place as I have."

Fallen Trees blocking trails were chainsawed

Organizations like Wolverine Nordic & Mountain Society play a big role in the growing tourism interest in Tumbler Ridge. Terese Finnegan, lively volunteer and new Economic Development Chief shared,

" As a new resident to Tumbler Ridge, I want to learn as much as I can about our beautiful region. It is important for me to feel a connection to the community and I could think of no better way than join WMNS membership. This fun hardworking volunteer group designs, builds and maintains hiking trails and is a major part of our economic development work." - Terese Finnegan

If you want to be part of WMNS, you can join the club for only $20 membership at . Worker Bees announcements can usually be found in the organizations Facebook page when they need volunteers.

Maybe you're far away and want to help, join in the effort to keep the trails clean and safe by sending donations to Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society at PO box 1602, Tumbler Ridge BC.

Volunteers enjoying the views from the top of Corral Lake Trail.


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