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HELI HIKE -Adventure with Ease

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Experience more with less time, effort and energy!

Tumbler Ridge is known for its remote and untouched beauty. It's a thing that adventurers are given coordinates in the wilderness and go. Quite literally following a pin on the map while bushwhacking through the beautiful and often times very challenging terrain to get to the best sites and see the most amazing views.

Most of the popular Monkman Park and surrounding destinations require days of hiking in the wilderness and a set of wilderness skills to traverse safely. While these types of explorations are filled with a lot of fun and adventure, not everyone has the time nor the skills to set out for it.

Flying in a helicopter to reach these iconic but difficult-to-reach not only gives you an elevated adventure, it also cuts down travel time by hours and days. You get to see the destination and more from a different perspective and not need to carry big packs of supplies and gear.

An experienced guide will take you through an exclusive full-day adventure in the most remote areas of Monkman and Wapiti. We'll take care of your snacks and lunches and everything you need for the hike! All you need is to show up in proper hiking clothing, and other light personal belongings you'd like to take with you.

Group hikes are according to the average fitness level of the group, so there's no need to worry about trying to keep up. The whole hike is designed around YOU. The full adventure with ease.

Checkout our 2022 Heli Hike dates to sign up.


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