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fly beyond the trails and discover Tumbler Ridge through our extraordinary tours

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We are Tumbler Ridge

We are a small family-owned helicopter company based in Tumbler Ridge, BC. While our projects for the past almost 2 decades have been around forestry and industry, we have fallen in love with this little town nestled in the foothills of the Northern BC Rockies.

Our mission is to share the breathtaking beauty of this remote and untouched wilderness through privately curated tours.


Flying through the mountains and standing on a summit is an experience of a lifetime. There's this profound yet freeing feeling of being so tiny compared to everything while being on top of the world. 


Our Legacy Tour packages makes viewing the Northern BC Rockies easier by cutting days out of your journey with a scenic and dreamy flight over and beyond the trails. See the hard-to-reach peaks Tumbler Ridge is known for and the most sought-after sites in Monkman Park without breaking a sweat. All of our 60 minutes and up tours come with an optional alpine walk (where weather allows). You can choose to take a short walk or take in the scenery near the helicopter. Legacy Tours are perfect for all fitness levels and no technical hiking skills needed.

The Heli Hike Adventures offer a full day adventure in the wilderness with a professional and trained guide. These trails are rarely accessed due to the technical and high skill level required to get to them. This adventure is perfect for those who'd love a longer trek, see more of the sites up close and a more spacious flight in the A-Star without the need to lug around a big pack. We offer only 9 of these a year, making it one of the most exclusive adventures you can have.

No Walk-ins. Tours by reservation only.

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